Europe 1993

1.Ribbon 2.Floorshow 3.Killing Ground 4.More 5.Detonation boulevard 6.Alice 7.Amphetamine logic 8.Body electric 9.First and last and always 10.Temple of love 11.This corrosion 12.Flood II 13.Vision Thing

Recorded Live At The Crystal Palace in London July 31st 1993

RFCD 1283 (Red Line - Made in Italy 1993)





1.First and last and always 2.Body and soul 3.Marian 4.No time to cry 5.Walk Away 6.Possession 7.Emma 8.Logic 9.A Rock and a Hard Place 10.Floorshow 11.Alice 12.Fix 13.Knocking on heaven's door 4.Ghost-Rider\Louie-Louie

Recorded Live in Europe 1985.

 The Band

Andrew Eldritch : Vocals

Craig Adams : Bass

Wayne Hussey : Guitar

Gary Marx : Guitar

Doktor Avalanche : Drummachine

KTS097 (Kiss The Stone - Made in Italy 1992)



Sister ray

1.Burn 2.Heartland 3.Body and soul 4.Anaconda 5.Walk Away 6.Floorshow 7.Adrenochrome 8.Alice

9.Body Electric 10.Gimme Shelter 11.Sister Ray 12.Temple of Love 13.Some kind of stranger 14.First and last and always 15.Gime, gime, gime

1-12 Recorded Live in Detmold May, 29th 1984.

13-15 Recorded live in London March, 24th 1984.

RFCD 1048 (Red Line - Made in Italy 1992)




Vision Songs 90-93

1.More (Edited version) 2.You could be the one 3.Doctor Jeep (Extended version) 4.When you don't see me (Remix) 5.Temple of love (1992) 6.I was wrong (American fade) 7.Vision Thing (Canadian club remix) 8.Under the gun (Metropolis mix) 9.Alice (1993) 10.Under the gun (Jutland mix) 11.Doctor jeep (Radio edit) 12.Ribbons (Live in Hamburg 17/11/90) 13.Something Fast (Live in Hamburg 17/11/90)

14.Knocking on heaven's door (Live in Bremen 1985)



Napalm Gods


1.Burn 2.Valentine 3.Anaconda 4.Heartland 5.Alice 6.Emma 7.Temple of Love 8.Floorshow 9.Adrenochrome 10.Gimme Shelter 11.Kiss the Carpet 12.Body Electric 13.Lights 14.Sister Ray / Louie-Louie /Ghostrider /Louie-Louie.

Recorded Live in Europe 1983.

The Band

Andrew Eldritch: Vocals

Craig Adams: Bass

Ben Gunn : Guitar

Gary Marx : Guitar

Doktor Avalanche : Drummachine

KTS095 (Kiss The Stone - Made in Italy 1992)



Kiss the Blade


1.Burn 2.Heartland 3.Body and Soul 4.Anaconda

5.Walk Away 6.Emma 7.Floorshow 8.Adrenochrome

9.Alice 10.Body Electric 11.Gimme Shelter 12.Ghostrider / Sister Ray.

Recorded Live in Europe 1984.

The Band

Andrew Eldritch : Vocals

Craig Adams : Bass

Wayne Hussey : Guitar

Gary Marx : Guitar

Doktor Avalanche : Drummachine

KTS096 (Kiss The Stone - Made in Italy 1992)


The neon Dream


1. After hours 2. First,last and always

3. Lucretia 4. Body and soul 5. Possession 6. Ribbons 7. Alice
8. Dominion 9. Amphetamine logic 10. Detonation boulevard 11. Temple of love 12. Gimme shelter
13. Flood II 14. This corrosion 15. Something fast 16. Vision thing

Recorded Live in Europe 1991.

KTS021(Kiss The Stone - Made in Italy 1992)


No Mercy

1.Body and Soul 2.Alice 3.Dominion/Mother Russia 4.Ribbons

5.Amphetamine Logic 6.Detonation Boulevard 7.This Corrosion 8.Gimmie Shelter

9.Something Fast 10.Jolene 11.Marian 12.Flood II 13.Temple of Love 14.Valentine 15.Vision Thing

Recorded Live in San Francisco 1991.

POET 9211 (Poetry in Motion - Made in Italy 1992)

Black Album


Sisters Of Mercy The Black Album PO 9205
Recorded Live during the 1990/1991 American Tour of Sisters Of Mercy
First And Last And Always 4:33, Detonation Boulevard 3:36
Lucretia My Reflection 5:02, Body And Soul 3:29
Ribbons 3:58, Dominion/Mother Russia 7:28, Valentine 4:25
Flood II 5:28, Doctor Jeep 5:02
Amphetamine Logic 4:02, This Corrosion 7:21, Heartland 2:42
Gimmie Shelter 5:27, Jolene 2:52
Something Fast 2:39, Vision Thing 4:30, Body And Soul 3:29
Alice 3:31, Dominion/Mother Russia 7:32
Ribbons 4:14, Amphetamine Logic 4:06, Detonation Boulevard 3:39
This Corrosion 7:41, Gimmie Shelter 5:51
Something Fast 2:41, Jolene 2:49, Marian 4:39
Flood II 5:36, Temple Of Love 7:45
Valentine 4:42, Vision Thing 4:31

Come Together In Mercyland


Sisters Of Mercy Come Together In Mercyland
Bank, Austria, Zelt, December 2nd 1993

Comfortably Numb 8:38, Ribbons 5:22, Train/Detonation Boulevard Medley 4:00, Alice 3:50, Giving Ground 4:40
Come Together (Unreleased Song) 3:29, Anaconda 3:13, On The Wire/Teachers Medley 4:33, Logic 4:35
Flood 5:55, Temple Of Love 8:15, This Corrosion 7:25, First And Last And Always 4:50

Some Boys Wander By Mistake


Sisters Of Mercy Some Boys Wander By Mistake
***A Collection of Rare Single Versions & B-Sides

***Body & Soul - EP 1984
Body And Soul 3:26
Train 2:38
Afterhours 7:24

***Walk Away - 12" 1984
Poison Door 3:40
On The Wire 4:20

***No Time To Cry - 12" 1985
Blood Money 3:07
Bury Me Deep 4:41

***Dominion - 12" + CD - Maxi 1988
Dominion/Ozymandias 6:59
Sandstorm 1:47
Untitled 3:25
Emma 6:20

***Lucretia My Reflection - 3" Single 1988
Long Train (1984) 7:23
Lucretia My Reflection 9:43

***This Corrosion - 12" 1987
This Corrosion 8:22

***More - Maxi 1990
You Could Be The One 3:59

Victorian Night


London June 1997


Sisters Of Mercy Victorian Night SMBA 0697
***Recorded At Brixton Academy, London - 10th June 1997

Comfortably Numb, Come Together, Long Train, Giving Ground
Amphetamine Logic, On The Wire
Dominion/Mother Russia, Blood Money, Anaconda
War On Drugs (previously unreleased), Temple Of Love
First & Last & Always, Something Fast
Vision Thing, Jolene, Confide In Me

The Darks Were In Milan


Milan 4/29/85
Sisters Of Mercy The Darks Were In Milan
***Live Show From The Odissea 2, Milan Italy, 29 April '85

First, Last And Always, Body And Soul, Marian, No Time To Cry, Possesion, Walk Away
Emma, Logic, Rock And A Hard Place, Floor Show, Alice, Gimme Shelter, Knowing On Heavens Door, Train

Visions At The Forum


Fourm London 02/13/98 Incl. 5 New Songs
The Sisters Of Mercy Visions At The Forum SOMFO 298
Live at The Forum, London, 13/02/98

Intro, Kiss The Carpet, Amphetamine Logic, Body Electric/Detonation Boulevard
Giving Ground, We Are The Saints (Suzanne), On The Wire/Teachers, Dream
Dominion/Mother Russia, Summer, Anaconda, Till The Morning Is Gone, Temple Of Love
Comfortably Numb/Some Kind Of Stranger, First And Last And Always, Jolene

Live in São Paulo

First And Last and Always, Detonation Boulevard
Lucretia My Reflection ,Body And Soul, Ribbons, Dominion/Mother Russia
Valentine, Flood II, Doctor Jeep, Amphetamine Logic
This Corrosion, Heartland, Gimme Shelter
Jolene, Something Fast, Vision Thing

Dominion - Roskilde ´91


Intro 1:10, First And Last And Always 4:06, Lucretia My Reflection 5:08
Body And Soul 2:58, Ribbons 4:26, Alice 3:34, Dominion 7:45, Amphetamine Logic 4:10
This Corrosion 7:57, Flood 5:16, Vision Thing 4:36, Something 2:38, 1969 3:05