First and Last and Always

1.Black planet 2.Walk away 3.No time to cry 4.A rock and a hard place 5.Marian 6.First and last and always 7.Possession 8.Nine while nine 9.Amphetamine logic 10.Some kind of stranger




1.Dominion 2.Flood I 3.Lucretia (my reflection) 4.1959 5.This corrosion 6.Flood II 7.Driven like the snow 8.Neverland 9.Torch 10.Colours

Vision Thing

1.Vision thing 2.Ribbons 3.Detonation boulevard 4.Something fast 5.When you don't see me 6.Doctor Jeep 7.More 8.I was wrong



Some Girls Wander By Mistake

1.Alice 2.Floorshow 3.Phantom 4.1969 5.Kiss the carpet 6.Lights 7.Valentine 8.Fix 9.Burn 10.Kiss the carpet (Reprise) 11.Temple of love (Extended version) 12.Heartland 13.Gimme shelter 14.The damage done 15.Watch 16.Home of the hit-men 17.Body Electric 18.Adrenochrome 19.Anaconda



Greatest Hits Volume one

A Slight Case Of Overbombing

1.Under the gun 2.Temple of love (1992) 3.Vision Thing 4.Detonation boulevard 5.Doctor Jeep 6.More 7.Lucretia my reflection 8.Dominion / Mother Russia 9.This corrosion 10.No time to cry 11.Walk away 12.Body and soul