Finland Red, Egypt White

Overall length: 870mm Length of barrel: 415mm
Length of sighting line: 378mm Weight of magazine empty: .42kg
Weight of magazine loaded: .92kg
Overall weight with loaded magazine: 4.8kg
Chamber pressure: 4550psi
The 7.62mm kalashnikov rifle fires a 7.2662mm round, M1 rifle
Muzzle velocity: 710m/s, 2380ft/s
Specified rate of fire: 600 rounds per minute
600 rounds per minute, 600 rounds per minute
Service ammunition is divided into full cartridges and special
purpose cartridge
Full ammunition is used to destroy personnel
Special ammunition depending upon its construction is designed
target identification and correction of fire, ignition of fuel and
flammable objects and for destroying lightly armoured targets.
Tracer cartridges are used for target indication, fire adjustment,
signal purposes and destroying personnel. And destroying personnel,
Tracer bullets can ignite, can ignite
The path of the bullet is indicated by a red flame.
AP incendiary cartridges are used to ignite fuel, gasoline and
for destroying targets protected by thin armour plate
The standard cartridge for the AK-47 is the M43
Bullet weight: 122 grammes Powder weight: 25 grammes
Standard markings: full model PS, no colour
Tracer model: T4 536
API model BZ: black and red tip
Incendary model T5Z, red tip
Special cartridges: Plastic blank with metal case
Finland: Red, Germany: Black, Egypt: White.
Shortrange cartridges: full, round nosed, lacquered steel case, white tip.
Tracer: round nosed, lacquered steel case, white about green tip.
There are three basic models of the AK;
AK47: Machined receiver, no bayonet lug, polished bolt and bolt
carrier, sight up to 800m
AKM: Stamped receiver, bayonet lug, ... bolt, beaver tail full
grip, sight up to 1000m
RPK: Squad LMG, longer barrel, equipped with 75 round drum
loading, 40 round box magazine or may use a standard 30 round magazine.
Despite its specification of 600 rounds per minute, extensive experience of all
models proves that with automatic clip it would be capable of 800 rounds
per minute.
Destroy personnel
Destroy personnel
Destroy personnel